Who are we?

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Who are we?

  • Established: 24-08-2004  
  • Company: IT Firm 
  • Location: Tamilnadu
Established in 2004 and rooted in Chennai, NETHRA-BPO stands as a pioneering Software Development Company dedicated to reshaping the educational sector. Our extensive offerings range from mobile application alerts tailored for parents to innovative ERP solutions. Over the years, we have cemented our reputation as a leading provider of turnkey solutions, encompassing a spectrum of web services.

At the heart of NETHRA-BPO lies our unwavering commitment to forging a competitive edge that aligns seamlessly with business objectives. We delve deep into pinpointing avenues for improvement and harness metrics to gauge the success trajectory, ensuring consistent deliverables of the highest caliber. Our clients benefit from our consultative approach, where we guide them meticulously through each phase to guarantee a commanding web presence.

With our illustrious history in web hosting, our expertise stands unparalleled. Businesses, irrespective of size, have consistently benefited from our seasoned experience. What sets NETHRA-BPO apart is not just our proficiency but our dedication to client satisfaction. Offering 24/7 support coupled with a robust money-back guarantee, we've emerged as a trusted name in web hosting. Simply put, with NETHRA-BPO, you're in safe hands.

Meet Our Team

The backbone of NETHRA-BPO is our team - a vibrant blend of seasoned professionals and dynamic innovators, all committed to redefining educational service standards. Every member brings a wealth of expertise, fuelled by a passion for excellence and an indomitable team spirit. Our approach is underpinned by creativity, ensuring that our communication solutions are not only bespoke but also resonate with our client's vision.

Our dedication is round-the-clock. We remain at the beck and call of our clients, ready to address any hitches, however minor. With a keen technical acumen, our team not only addresses challenges but proactively works to preempt them.

Our commitment extends to empowering both developers and businesses. With tools like Bootstrap 5 and Python-based system software, we facilitate the creation of superior cross-platform web applications, further cementing our position as industry leaders.

Choose NETHRA-BPO, where innovation meets dedication.

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